Recent Post-Graduate Coursework

In 2015, the state of Wisconsin began requiring all licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers to complete a minimum of 24 credits in approved continuing education courses, including a minimum of 2 credits in ethics courses, for each licensing period in order for their credential to be renewed.  Below are the courses I have completed for this licensing period and am scheduled to complete later this year.  

Massage Therapy/Bodywork courses

-Manual Therapy for Instant Relief: Effective Techniques for Neck and Shoulder Dysfunction (2 credits, 2016)

-Integrated Neuromuscular Re-education: Positional Release (4 credits, 2016)

-Postural Assessment & Therapeutic Yoga Prescription (2 credits, 2016)

Health practice management courses

-Real Life Ethics: True Stories and Examples from the Massage Practice (2 credits, 2015)

-Effective Online Marketing Techniques for Massage Practices (3 credits, 2015)

-Massage Therapy Finances: From Business Plans to Balance Sheets (4 credits, 2016)

Currently enrolled

-Releasing the Rotator Cuff: Deep Tissue Massage Strategies (3 credits)

-Advanced Soft Tissue Approaches for the Neck (2 credits)

-Structural Integration 1: Evaluating Posture and Movement (3 credits)

-Fibromyalgia and Myofascial Pain Syndromes: Evidence-based Functional Intervention and Examination (3 credits)

-Deep Tissue Techniques for the Iliopsoas and Secondary Thigh Flexors (3 credits)

This page will be updated frequently as I complete and enroll in new courses.  Email me at if you'd like to recommend something specific!

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