Massage Techniques

Below are summary descriptions of the various massage therapy and bodywork modalities in which I have been trained and frequently draw upon to create your customized care plan.

Swedish Massage

One of the most popular styles, the focus of Swedish-style massage therapy is long, smooth, gliding strokes following the path of circulation towards the heart.  The gentle movements target the superficial layers of muscle and connective tissue.  Full body Swedish massages make for an excellent relaxation treatment and are extremely popular in the spa setting.

Deep Tissue Massage

Hands down the most popular request I receive from new clients and what keeps them coming back!  As its name suggests, the goal in a deep tissue massage is to target the deeper layers of skeletal muscles and connective tissue.  Its particularly helpful for chronic stiffness and dull pain.

Trigger Point Therapy

A trigger point is a small, tight knot within muscle tissue that causes pain both in that muscle as well as elsewhere in the body.  Direct pressure to the trigger point combined with targeting the surrounding muscles and a clients deep breathing can allow the trigger point to release, creating instead relief of pain and tension to the entire region

Sports massage

You do not need to be a professional or full time athlete to enjoy the benefits of a sports massage.  This technique is for anyone who is physically active and wants a focus on treating/preventing soft tissue injuries and improved strength and flexibility with less emphasis on relaxation and gentle strokes.  Expect a wide variety of stretches in a sports session!


The philosophy behind reflexology targets specific points in your hands and feet that correspond to organs and organ systems elsewhere in your body.  Applying pressure to these points can alleviate symptoms and restore balance to overall systemic health.


Aromatherapy utilizes the healing powers of essential oils to naturally treat a wide variety of issues.  It is easy to combine with any massage service by diffusing oils in the treatment room, placing drops of oil on linens to be inhaled, infused into fragrance-free massage lotion (or other lubricating products) to be used for the session or placed directly on the skin.  

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